This week (July 30) both match play and traditional play will be at Firefly.


This is an all volunteer run league and we need your help. We have had a lot of people who have been with the league for a very long time move on to other things and will not be helping out the way that they have in the past. As a result we need some new people to step up and lend a hand. The more people that there are the less work there is for everyone so the more the merrier! We have a few key positions that need to be filled for this season to be as successful as in the past. Please consider offering some of your time so all of our kids can continue to enjoy this league. We know everyone is busy with everything else in their lives but without some new help we'd hate to think what will happen to this great league that so many kids have had the opportunity to enjoy. Please consider helping out this season. If you have any questions or would like more information you can contact the league at or by clicking on the contact section in the menu to the left.

Thank you in advance for your consideration in helping to keep the tradition alive!


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